A New Year (2.5 years since the last post)

I’m not really about resolutions, but I do think it’s worth trying to create new habits.

A new habit I’d like to form is to write on a daily basis. As a writer, creator, etc., I’ve been really lax on doing daily creation.

Part of this is survival – teaching and coaching are busy activities, and my sustainability practice (aka spending time with people I like, playing competitive skee-ball, and getting in some Hearthstone/Overwatch time) are becoming non-negotiable.

That said, when being honest with myself, I’m not living up to my own expectations. I’m not practicing what I preach (thus feeling stalled), and I’m not doing the creation that I’d like.

So, here is my (probably) unseen pledge to start writing more.

I’m not sure what I’ll be writing about, as this is more about habit than necessarily creating breathtaking works of genius, and the inner marketing person inside of me says “this site is about your art, not writing personal thoughts,” but I realized this site should be more about me.

I’m definitely multi-faceted, and have a lot of things that interest me, so that’s who I’ll be.

Things I might talk about in future posts: psychology, success, happiness, life in general, painting, art making, business, skeeball, coaching, Cthulhu, monsters in general, the Evil Pin Club, sculpting, books I’m reading, lessons learned, etc. etc. etc.

Posts might also be short pieces of fiction, plot ideas, film pitches, who knows? The sky’s the limit when you’re dealing with my brain.

Anyway, here’s to a new year of blogging, and regardless of how daily this really is, here’s to trying a grand new experiment.

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