2020 is a Socialized Construct

Today is the last day in what many people would regard as a dumpster fire of a year.

We’ve all seen the anti-2020 memes, and it definitely feels true that 2020 wasn’t great for a vast majority of people.  

At the end of the day, however, the difference between 2020 and 2021 is basically an arbitrary line drawn in the sand that we all choose to make a big deal about.  

Our calendar is a social construct, and even though our fiscal year might be ending, that too is just made up.  Really, so much of our lives are social constructs – imaginary rules and ways of living that are all fictional – until enough of us decide to believe that it’s true.  

So much of the anger and hate seen this year is based on large groups of people being angry because the ratio of people believing certain things has shifted.  

The notion of two genders?  An outdated arbitrary construct.  

Racial superiority by white people?  Another outdated arbitrary construct.

That said, just because something is arbitrary and made up doesn’t mean it’s not significant, nor does it mean that it doesn’t impact people’s lives. 

These outdated social constructs will hopefully be replaced soon by more human-centered constructs, just as the idea that we’re living in 2020 will soon be replaced by the idea that we’re living in 2021.

And when we really realize that everything is imagined, then it’s not a far step to understand that by moving up into a role of a leader who is willing to build a better way forward, then we’re really limited only by our imaginations and ability to believe in a better future.

So if calling 2020 to a close will make you feel better, then raise your glass (another socially constructed behavior), and make your toast of choice to a better future.  Just don’t forget to go out and make the better world a reality. 

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