I’m the Co-Founder of Spotlight Trust, creators of Trust-Centered Leadership.

We bring practical, research-based, measurable frameworks to learning the tactical soft skills necessary to build trust and increase your ROI.

If you’re looking for training or consultants who can upskill your new managers, increase employee productivity and engagement, accelerate communication, and create a sense of belonging all while having fun, think about signing up for one of our free workshops or get our free practical playbook to building trust at scale

As someone who was often afraid I was not qualified enough, not experienced enough, not credentialed enough, and generally not enough, I know the effects of impostor syndrome and how these self doubts can hold us back from moving forward in life.  

I’ve since managed to wrangle my Inner Monsters, and now help others do so as well.  From everyday leaders looking to build a new business to art school grads to CEOs and start-up founders, I’ve worked with people around the world to level up, realize their true potential, and make the change in the world that they’re looking to me.  

If you’re tired of the doubt, uncertainty, and fear holding you back, come on over to Kaiju Coaching and schedule on a free 20-minute Inner Monster Safari – you’ll be surprised at how much we can unlock in just one 20-minute coaching session. 

If you’re looking for short stories featuring things from your nightmares that tear, rend, and do all sorts of terrible things to humans, I’ve got just the stories for you.  Inspired by monsters, societal injustices, and revenge and conjured in the dark recesses of the human imagination, these pieces of dark fiction range from dark wizard kings reaping what they’ve sown to a parent’s terrifying bargain with fairies.

You can find some of my longer, older stories here.

More recent short stories can be found at the Cadaverous Bloom publication on Medium

As a classically-trained visual artist who has learned nearly all 2D mediums from oils to acrylics to intaglio and screenprinting, my 2D visual art is inspired by horror, feminism, mythology, and the intersections between these themes and their complex relationship with the world we live in.

As a t-shirt and print designer, I love puns and exploring the relationship between text and imagery and how that interaction can tell a secondary or even tertiary story.  

My 3D work in terms of sculpting and casting falls into the art toy genre, including the painting and customizing of other art toys.  As both a creator and collector, the tension in the decision of whether to paint a piece for my own collection or to sell is always present.  

You can view my visual art here by category, find my most recent work on Instagram, or browse my storefront over at The Evil Pin Club.

I write daily about personal development, leadership, creativity, and pretty much everything else that I care about at my blog here.  You can subscribe to get the daily posts sent directly to you.

My co-founder and I also write about trust exclusively over at the In Trust publication on Medium, and @rickkitagawa on Medium is the best place to find all of my longer pieces of writing, including a piece I wrote about creatives finding work that has gotten over 30K reads.

Launching in early September, the Inner Monster Podcast is a mix of the three things I love to talk about the most: Short horror fiction, monsters and their mythology, and personal development.  

If you’ve ever wondered how demons can segue into a conversation about value, how a Japanese ghost can inspire a conversation about the stories we tell ourselves, or how the mythology behind vampires can teach you about procrastination, this is the podcast for you.  

It’s a strange mix, I know, but if you haven’t been able to tell, I’ve never been good at separating aspects of myself, so come for the monsters and stay for the deeper dives into topics like defining success, sustainability, and how curiosity can change your life and the life of others for the better.  

There are also Q+A episodes, so head over here and click the button to leave a voice message and be a part of the show, or email your questions to: imp@kaijucoaching.com  

I’ve also been known to coach for the altMBA and Akimbo Workshops, compete at a national level in Skee-Ball, and eat excessive amounts of watermelon.  

I can’t say what brought you here, but I can say that it’s great to meet you and thanks for checking out my little corner of the internet. 

I hope you find something that brings you value, even if just a smile (or a scream) today.