Rick Kitagawa is an award-winning visual artist, storyteller, and arts educator.  Both his visual art and written work centers around horror, feminism, and mythology, and the intersections between these themes and their complex relationship with the world we live in. Colorful and figure-dominated, his visual work serves to highlight the female form, balancing sex appeal with danger; innocence with loss.  His visceral writing probes the darkness of humanity and weaves dark ends for transgressive characters.

Rick has studied at UC Berkeley and the Academy of Art University, where he now teaches business and marketing for artists. Additionally, he writes, teaches, coaches, and develops curricula for Lift Off Art, an online resource for artists. Rick is also a demonstration artist for Savoir Faire, Jacquard, and KRINK. Rick has worked with the likes of Facebook, GAP, Apple, and Adobe, and is always looking for new opportunities to collaborate, educate, and create.

Rick is a nationally-ranked skeeball roller and currently lives in San Francisco. He also loves watermelon, board games, and reading self-improvement books.

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