“You’re Terrible”

When a leader is giving you negative feedback, and they start making it personal and/or start shouting, remember that it’s more about them than it is about you. 

The things that frustrate us most remind us of our own sore spots and weaknesses. While, yes, you probably should have double-checked that report, your boss is less concerned about the actual mistake, and more concerned about the time they’ll need to spend fixing it, how they are late delivering it to their boss, or what it says about them as a manager that you made a mistake. 

No one deserves being yelled at or shamed, yet it’s also helpful to wade through the cesspool of insults to see if there’s any actual feedback that you might want to implement in the future.

That said, those who give feedback also need to work on not taking out their own frustrations on others. Don’t be a jackass.

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