You’re Definitely Not A Jerk

If you know nothing about the skill it takes to create some art (that’s why you want an artist to make it), I know you’re way too awesome to do something as insulting as to ask for a price that is radically under market rate. 

Then, if you are challenged (as you should be) about your ignorance and how undercutting creatives makes it more difficult for artists to live, I know you’re not enough of a jerk to externalize your shame and lash out at the artist that you initially reached out to. 

And of course, I know you’re not a terrible human being who would then offer to pay with exposure, which is never really an acceptable transfer of value. After all, I know that you expect to get paid for the work that you do, as it’s totally reasonable that everyone should be paid for their work, right?

Obviously you’re not a scumbag piece of trash who thinks that just because someone enjoys their work, they should be paid less for it. 

And obviously, you’re not a terrible person, so I know you’ll share this to all of your friends who enjoy art and want more of it in the world.

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