Uncomfortable Conversations

Conversations around things like racial justice, reproductive rights, feminism, or fat phobia might be uncomfortable for you. Often we silence ourselves and opt out of these conversations because of a lot of different reasons. 

We might feel ignorant about the subject, or be wary of accidentally causing harm to someone. Perhaps we disagree and are fearful of being “cancelled.” Maybe it’s just awkward because you don’t usually talk about these topics, or about these topics with specific people.

But the thing is that the more you have these conversations, the less uncomfortable they become. Just like anything, the more you practice, the easier it gets. 

I’ll be honest. I find talking about race with white friends and peers uncomfortable. I find talking about feminism with large groups of men uncomfortable. Yet the more you do it, the easier they become, and the better you’ll get at not only having these conversations, but learning how to facilitate them more skillfully. 

So lean into these uncomfortable conversations. Get comfy with being uncomfortable. Learn to sit with awkwardness, and the fact that you might be ignorant about a lot of things, but the great thing is that if you want to be more informed, it’s just a few YouTube videos, books, or Google searches away. 

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