“This Is For Your Own Good”

Whenever anyone gives you advice and tells you “This is for your own good,” I assert almost in every case it’s actually for their own good. 

This is not to say that it isn’t for yours as well, but the very nature of the reasoning behind why you would say this is that they’re trying to convince you to take a specific action.

Advice that is given for the actual benefit to the recipient is often framed as suggestions. The best advice is often framed as a question. Both of these frameworks assume that the recipient of the advice has agency and understands the totality of their situation the best. 

“This is for your own good” assumes that they know better than you, and that they stand for something to gain by you doing what they say. After all, if someone has to try to make the argument that the advice is for your good and not theirs, it probably means the opposite.

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