When it’s hot and I have a headache, I’m basically useless. I’ve been nearly incapacitated a few times when I’ve hurt my back, and I realize that my minor back injuries are often akin to the level of pain some women deal with monthly on their periods. Tenacity is something I feel I am somewhat lacking in, and I’d like to build it up.

Sadly, the only way to do it is the painful way – the hard work of working through the displeasure and pain. Whether that’s emotional or physical.

When Ruth Bader Ginsberg had her first battle with cancer, while going through radiation treatment and chemotherapy, she still showed up for work.

The second woman ever to become a US Supreme Court judge, she worked tirelessly to advance women’s rights and the rights of other minority groups. She decided to stick around as long as humanly possible, fighting off cancer three times before finally the disease won.

It’s unfortunate such a revolutionary leader and inspiring human has left us, but I hope she will continue to inspire us to work harder for what we believe in.

PS – Are you registered to vote? Have you checked? Spread the word.

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