Spinach in My Teeth

Without a mirror, it’s impossible to see ourselves. (Okay, yes, we have cameras, and modern technology, but work with me here for a minute). 

Whether or not you have breakfast in your teeth, if your hair got messed up after your nap, or if it’s apparent that you literally rolled out of bed five minutes before a meeting – these are all things that we need the aid of something outside of ourselves. Whether it’s a collaborator, a coach or mentor, a partner, a colleague or a customer, it’s always helpful to leverage others to see how you’re truly showing up.

As a coach, I mostly reflect back the strength, resilience, and amazingness in people, and help them see what’s really causing them to struggle with something. 

However, even I often forget that I need to look in the mirror myself to see my own blindspots and check for spinach in my teeth.

After a great event this weekend, I realized how clearly I can see what others are struggling with, and also how I can completely overlook what I’m struggling with. 

Especially those of us who act as mirrors for others, don’t make my mistake. Remember that a mirror cannot see itself without another mirror in the room.

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