Sliced Neck

I shave with a double-edged razor, or a safety razor. A safety razor is a bit of a misnomer for the modern man, as it’s far more dangerous than the triple-bladed Bic stuff or an electric razor, but is safer than a Sweeny Todd straight-edge razor. 

I choose to do so not only because I hate the plastic waste of cartridge razors, but also because it forces me to be present while I’m shaving.

Yesterday I was shaving and I starting thinking about how much a certain person annoys me, and sure enough, I cut myself, leaving a thin slice on the side of my neck. 

My lessons from this experience:

  1. When you focus on people who annoy you, you’re only going to hurt yourself.
  2. Staying present is difficult, but a skill worth fostering.
  3. Karma is real, so be nice.
  4. Just because something is routine, doesn’t mean you don’t need to pay attention.

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