Sixth Sense

I recently started watching Sixth Sense, a Korean variety show where the producers show the hosts three different restaurants, experiences, or people based on a theme (eg. non-traditional foreign workouts, or innovative chicken restaurants). 

The producers find two existing entities, and create a third one from scratch, going so far to renovate buildings, hiring actors for a week to train them, and distressing the newly renovated buildings to look older.

I find this so interesting as it’s really a dive into credibility, the Second Facet of Trust. 
There hasn’t been an episode where all six of the hosts manage to all correctly guess the fake, and I think this shows how easily credibility can be manufactured with an attention to detail.

While fabricating credibility is unethical, what this shows is that credibility can be broken down into specific credibility signals that you can focus on building out ethically.

So consider what you look for in others when evaluating their credibility, and take that as a guide to how you might increase you own credibility.

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