San Francisco

I read this article on Medium the other day.

Besides the amazing writing here, (a great read on friendship, what it means to be a non-techie in the Bay, and California migration,) it really makes me wonder why I haven’t moved out of SF yet. Partially, it’s because it’s has the highest concentration of my close friends. Partially, it’s because I have rent control, and there’s a feeling of not wanting to give that up.

But I suspect a lot of it is about fear. Fear about finding a job in a new city without a local network like I have here. Fear about it having enough animation/tech opportunities for Eve. Fear that any placeholder jobs I take will not be enough for me to make my massive student loan payments every month.

I believe in a new world of entrepreneurship and the ability to work remotely, but sometimes I think the industries we work in aren’t getting the memo, or I’m afraid that I don’t provide enough value to get those opportunities.

I do long for a space large enough to invite friends over to play board games, but if I move somewhere new and out of state, who will I invite? But then again, how often do I actually get to hang out with my friends in person anyway? (Ouch).

Something I think about as well that I don’t see others reflecting upon is what it’s like for a hyper-liberal POC to think about moving. Everyone calling for tech to move to random spots in the Midwest – yo, am I gonna get killed out there because I get into an argument about trans rights with someone? Hell, I get nervous travelling within California outside of major cities.

Anyway, I’m here for now. But for how long? Who knows.

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