Problems with Authority

I have a huge problem with authority for authority’s sake. 

Without a reason to follow authority, it makes no sense to listen – “Because we said so” is the worst justification for anything ever. But if we’re willing to rebel against a system, we need to understand a few things first.

One, there are consequences for our actions – both for ourselves, but also for those who might be casualties in the power struggle. So we need a reason that is greater than ourselves that might be worth causing harm to others otherwise we’re just being selfish and uncaring, probably very much like those we are rebelling against. 

Second, while we’d all like to think that we would be better than the morons we’re rebelling against, do we actually fully understand the situation? It’s easy to rebel when we’re feeling like we’re being wronged, but what if we were the ones making the mistake in the first place? 

Third, do we have an actual solution? It’s easy to burn down a system that doesn’t work, but because it’s familiar it will just replicate itself once torn down, and if we don’t provide a better solution, then the problem will not be solved. 

I’m all for tearing down systems, but it needs to be for a reason greater than ourselves that makes it worth it for all of the costs. 

If you’re going to rebel just because you don’t like something, you’re no better than those already trying to enforce their own fragile power.

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