Playing Big, Playing Small

If you’re into personal development like I am, chances are you’re constantly being challenged to play the biggest game that you can. Meaning that you’re looking to do more, level up, scale, etc.

While I’ll never encourage anyone to play small, I want to remind you that terms like “big” and “small” are relative. 

Big for you might be deciding to build a company to solve world hunger or it might look like asking for a raise above minimum wage.

Small for you might be deciding to sell your start-up for $10M instead of riding it out for a larger IPO, or it might look like watching Netflix instead of writing that sales email.

The size of the game you play can only be determined by you, and it’ll change as you change as a human.

So what does playing a big game look like for you? And what’s one step you can take today to do so?

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