Media Matters

It’s tempting to dismiss television and film and video games and books and art as “just” entertainment.  As things that don’t influence us, make us feel powerful emotions, or affect society at large.

As much as we’d like to think we’re above advertising and marketing, we’re not.  Especially with repeated exposure, our beliefs and behaviors and language are shaped by the media we consume.  

I gave up the dream of acting in Hollywood because for my entire childhood I could count the Asian American male actors on one hand.  Now I might need two hands to count.  People still think I should be good at math.

Representation matters, because representation in the media reflects society’s beliefs and morals and values.  

I’m honored to be friends with someone who helped bring First Day to life – a mini-series about a transgender girl’s first day at a new high school.  It premiered in Australia, but here in the states it will launch on Hulu today

Give it a watch, and tell others about it.  Because media matters, and this is one step forward towards a world where the ridiculous amount of violence against transpeople can stop.

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