It’s pretty arbitrary that Western society generally thinks it’s okay to eat chickens, but not snakes.  It’s okay to eat cows, but not cats. 

I’m pescatarian, meaning I eat fish and seafood, but not meat.  Why isn’t fish considered meat?  

Really, it’s all arbitrary.  Whether it’s human, fish, cows, cats, grasshoppers, parakeets or goats, the flesh of a living creature is meat. We might try to explain why we choose to eat some animals and not others, but at the end of the day it’s all cultural, as we could probably eat anything that isn’t poisonous.

Many other cultures happily scarf down locusts, snakes, dogs, horses, rotting fish, still-alive octopi, grubs, and other creatures some might find unappetizing. 

While it seems arbitrary what we consider edible meat, this actually is really freeing, because when you realize that something is a social construct and made up, you can choose to not accept it.  

Obviously, we live in a society so it may be difficult to live if you were to choose not to accept something like property or money, but how often do you examine your own beliefs, biases, and concepts of what is real? What might you learn from it?

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