Leaning Into Selfishness

It’s okay to do things for selfish reasons, especially if it also helps other people out. 

I donated $50 towards an organization that is raising money for suicide prevention advocacy mainly because it bought me raffle entries for rare vinyl toys that I want. 

It might not be the most nobel of reasons to donate, but because of that I now know that today is the start of National Sucide Prevention Week, and I’ll be learning new action steps I can take – like the idea that if you’re concerned about someone you can totally be direct and ask “Are you thinking about suicide or self harm?”

Sure, it might seem awkward and direct, but you don’t have to worry about kicking off ideas of suicide – you asking and then listening might be what they need to NOT take their own life, and if they weren’t thinking about it, you asking the question isn’t going to start them thinking about it. 

I initially acted out of selfishness, but learned something new that could, someday, help save someone’s life. So for all of you who feel weird about only donating when there’s something directly in it for you, know that it’s much better than you deciding to not volunteer or donate or say something on social media. 

PS – If you or anyone you know are thinking about self-harm or suicide, here’s a bunch of hotlines and resources you can access, no matter where in the world you are.

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