Judo of Constraints

I never really got into martial arts as a kid for a few reasons – the first is that my primary interest in martial arts was learning how to be a ninja, and the second is that I hated the rigors and discipline that is the basis of martial arts.

Perhaps for that reason I trained in verbal judo, flipping people’s arguments on their head by using their own words against them.

Now, I’m mostly interested in the judo around constraints – where one takes the constraints leveraged upon them by a project or system and uses them as an asset. Whether that’s using them as inspiration for solving a pain point others have and creating a new industry, or taking broken organizational culture and turning them into healthy ones, I find this to be the work that I love to do.

The thing is that I think anyone can do it if they’re willing to simply ask the question “What if we did this a different way?”

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