I love Halloween not for the fact that I get to dress up and watch horror films. I love Halloween for the fact that this is the time of year that allows everyone else to celebrate the same things that I celebrate year-round.  

What I’m saying is that Halloween is about me being able to truly live my authentic self, and have society play along. Thanks for going on this monster-themed month of blog posts with me, and I hope you were able to find some value in the monstrous metaphors. If you’d like more like this year-round, consider subscribing to the blog, or the Inner Monster Podcast

I’m fortunate that I have a life partner, as well as a business partner, who allows me to be myself all the time, not just in October. I sincerely hope you have people in your life who allow you to tap into the essential part of yourself that is 100% you. 

How might we be more free, more powerful, more inspiring if we all lived fully as ourselves year-round?  What would it take to do that?

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