Granny Smith, Fujis, and Red Delicious

(Alternate title: How ‘Bout Them Apples?)

Often we tend to lump things into categories in a way of simplifying things. We like to talk about comparing Apples or Oranges, but perhaps we need even more distinctions than that.

There are a lot of different apple varieties, and while they might all taste like the Platonic upper-case-A Apple, they do taste very different, and they succeed in different areas. You don’t eat Granny Smith apples if you’re looking for something completely sweet and untart. You don’t make pies out of Fujis (or maybe you do?  I don’t like apple pie #sorrynotsorry).. 

So before we even get into figuring out if it’s apples or oranges, maybe we need to distinguish even between apples and apples. 

Simple answers work for simple questions, but more complex ones usually require more complex, nuanced answers. Where might it actually be more valuable for you to dive into the weeds?

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