Genetic Similarity

We, as humans, are pretty much the same person from a genetics lens. With over 99% similarity to every other human on the planet, the numbers tell a story about us being incredibly similar. Yet our day to day interaction with people who look, think, and behave vastly differently from ourselves seems to prove we’re all unique individuals.

But at the end of the day, we need to embrace both the individuality as well as the insignificance of our own lives.

We need to remember that we’re special enough to show up and add our unique voice to the mix. Our voice, while individually small, does matter, and we need to keep that in mind so we continually show up on the page, do the work, ship the project, and contribute to a thriving society. 

On the flip side, we need to remember that we are insignificant enough to not let setbacks and failure stop us from showing up. Remembering that if we misstep, the universe isn’t going to collapse, nor will the earth end, helps keep us humble but also takes the pressure off needing to be perfect.

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