Frankenstein – Part II

Often, people mistakenly refer to the reanimated corpse as Frankenstein, where the title of the book actually refers to the creator – Dr. Victor Frankenstein. In this way, modern society has sort of associated the creation known as The Monster with its creator.

In the story, The Monster wreaks havoc over its creator’s life, killing the brother and wife of Dr. Frankenstein. Eventually, while chasing his creation, Dr. Frankenstein dies of exposure and exhaustion in the Antarctic.  

Dr. Frankenstein’s life was made infinitely harder by his pure hatred and disgust of his own creation.  By shunning it and not alerting authorities to what he had created out of fear of legal persecution, he ended up creating a superhuman entity that was bent on seeking revenge. 

Like Dr. Frankenstein, many people avoid taking responsibility for mistakes until they’re unable to avoid the truth any longer.  However, this avoidance is usually just rolling the snowball farther down the hill, accumulating more and more trouble. 

What would it look like to own our mistakes earlier – when there are just mistakes and not catastrophes?  After all, a snowball the size of your hand hurts much less than an avalanche.

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