Frank and Lilith are on sale

Frank and Lilith

Okay, so here’s my totally authentic post about being inauthentic.

Until Saturday, I’m running a 30% off sale (use code VDAY) on my two pins, The Monster and Lilith over at my shop I figure, if you want a cute couple pin set, then snag this one. TBH, I’ve even given this pin set to a couple before.

That said, my true self has to at least post about why these two should NOT be an icon of love. If we look back to the original Bride of Frankenstein movie, it really sort of devalues the bride into a plot device (not untypical of films in 1935..or even today, sadly).

So I get that the Monster was never named, and so it makes sense that the Bride wasn’t given a proper name (the role is of “The Bride of the Monster”), but at least the Monster is his own thing, while the Bride is only in context of her intended relationship to the Monster.

Also, the Bride never shows any interest in the Monster. She literally screams in terror and repulsion, causing the Monster to kill Praetorius (one of the creators), himself, AND HER. WTF. This is classic murder suicide (which is domestic violence at its worst), and super not cool. Just because she’s a reanimated corpse who doesn’t like you does not mean you should be able to kill her.

Anyway, I decided to give the Bride a name, so I named her Lilith, after Adam’s first wife, who left his sorry ass after she wouldn’t stay submissive to him.

So all that said, if you still want to buy these pins in a weird, “I-think-I’m-romantic-but-actually-reinforcing-unhealthy-relationship” sort of way, then please, take your discount, and purchase away.

Pro-tip: you can buy the pins individually, and the discount still works.

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