Fear Hunting

Fear is something we often talk about in hushed voices, holding it in the crypts of our minds, trying to keep it from reaching the light of day.  

We live in a society where it’s uncommon for people to readily own up and confess their fears.  

However, by unearthing the fear and letting it live out in the open, often that seemingly dreadful anxiety and terror starts to dissipate.  Just as sunlight vanquishes ghosts, bringing your fears out into the open does the same.  

So I’d like to share the idea of Fear Hunting.  As opposed to trying to hide the fear away, what would it look like to pursue it?  

What might you discover if you were to dive deep into what you’re scared of?  To embrace it, even, and seek it out?  

What resilience might you build?  What strength might you find?

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