Do You Like It?

When making decisions, in most business cases, whether or not you like something is not a good basis to make a decision from. 

The sad thing is that this is often exactly how we make decisions.

What coffee do you buy for the office? Well I like tea and don’t drink coffee, so be damned with everyone else who wants and cares about coffee.

Who do I promote? Well, Roger and I get along really well, and we both like video games and talking to him at after-work events is always fun. Even though Marsha is more qualified, we don’t really get along.

Liking one option over another is fine, but if you’re not pausing to think about what the ideal outcome is, or what the measurable evaluation criteria is, you’re making poor decisions.

If buying drinks for the office is for your personal taste, get whatever you want. But if it’s for showing your team you care about them, it really shouldn’t matter what you like, and it should matter what they like.

If promoting someone is for exercising power, making friends, and ignoring the business aspect of the position, go hire whomever you want. But if it’s for getting the best person for the role, it shouldn’t matter who you like more, you should go with the person that has the best intersection of applicable skills.  

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