Dealing with Rejection

It’s easy for us to judge ourselves when people reject us. Whether it’s not buying our product, to someone making a snide comment about your hair or outfit, to being laid off, when we’re told “No,” it can feel devastating.

Believe me, I get the pain. I had a pretty soul-crushing interaction on Friday that completely knocked me out of the game until Monday, and now almost a week since my last post, I’m finally back in it.

Rejection hurts. Public rejection seems especially painful, as all of your pain and your ideas of what you’re lacking are shown for others to see. It’s sort of humiliating.

But we have to remember – we can’t go judging ourselves by everyone else’s standards. We don’t ask fish to climb trees, squirrels to survive in the ocean, or snakes to juggle.

At the end of the day, even if you’re trying your best, remember:

It might not be for them.

YOU might not be for them. Your gifts to the world aren’t for everyone. We can’t force anyone to love us or what we do or how we do it. All in all, it might just be a mismatch, so learn to forgive yourself and start looking for who you are for.

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