Cruise Control

Cruise control (and more recently, auto-pilot) are great options when your primary goal is to maintain the status quo.  You’re on a long stretch of highway and want to maintain a certain speed, or you’re looking to maintain a specific route.

But when there’s lots of uncertainty, or missing lane lines, or a person driving recklessly and unpredictably on the freeway, we correctly start to focus on all aspects of driving again to gain the control and ability to react to what the maintenance systems might not have inputs for.

And in life, when we’re just trying to maintain the status quo, we can simply go on autopilot and mail it in. But if we’re looking to make change, enroll others in that change, or trailblaze with innovation, it requires us to get clear about the intent behind our actions and stay present.

Most pain points for leaders arise when they are looking for the results of innovation and change but are relying on systems made for maintenance. 

What are you looking to do?

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