Compliance Vs. Culture

Getting your team to show up to meetings on time is one thing. You just have to put into place an enforced rule that if you’re late more than once, you’re fired.

Building a culture around showing up to meetings on time requires much more work.  

It’s creating incentives to show up – making sure meetings are actually important, necessary, and fun. It’s creating an identity around “we are the type of people who take our commitments seriously.” It’s acknowledging when people drop in late, and talking with them privately about what they need to be able to show up on time. It’s enrolling people in the idea that time is precious – you show up to meetings on time, and we promise we won’t go over time.

But once again, building culture allows people to think for themselves.  

Just as much as employees would hate the strictness of the on-time rule, you would hate having to enforce it. So why make it at all?

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