Coincidental Parrot

The other day I was woken up by the shrill, banshee-like cry of a bird. It was so loud I thought it was hanging outside my bedroom window, but it turned out it was in our backyard on the other side of the house. 

The bird was screeching, and I wasn’t able to fall back asleep. 

The obvious thing to do was to then go outside and yell at the bird, which, perched high in a tree, promptly ignored me.

I gave in to the parrot not wanting me to sleep, and after I had started working, the parrot decided to fly away to bother someone else.

I could have told myself that the parrot was out to get me. That it waited for me to make the commitment to staying awake before it left it’s perch. I could have wove a fancy narrative about my arch-nemesis, the parrot, and decided to buy a pellet gun to teach it a lesson next time. 

Or, I could simply chalk another one up to poorly-timed coincidences and got on with my day. 
How would you choose to respond?

What else in your life might be a coincidental parrot?

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