Chameleons, Honey Badgers, and Tigers

Chameleons literally change their color to fit in better with their background.  They’re masters of being indistinguishable for their surroundings.  They’re quiet, unassuming, and just hang out most of the day.  

Honey Badgers do not give a f___.  They will attack venomous snakes head on, and are tenacious monsters that rampage without a care in the world.  They do what they want, and have no regard for their surroundings.

Tigers are bright orange in green jungles.  They’re adept at stalking their prey and moving quietly when they need to.  They can navigate skillfully through their environment without perfectly fitting in and are always going to be themselves no matter how much Joe Exotic tries to tame them.  

Which animal are you, and which one do you want to be?

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