Blame the Models, Then Yourself

So often when we’re pursuing something, we look upwards to examples that we can learn from. This is awesome in that you’re not reinventing the wheel, and you can avoid some obstacles from learning from our role models.

But when it comes to leadership, we have decades of poor leadership to look up to. Managers who power trip or are inept, systems of cronyism or outright abuse (I’m looking at you, Blizzard), and leaders who are rapidly learning that command and control doesn’t work in hybrid or remote settings.

So while I have a lot of empathy for leaders who are just modeling what they’ve seen their bosses do, it’s far past the time to blame them for your shortcomings, and now it’s time to do the work to be better.

You can blame those who have modeled leadership in the past, but if you don’t level up the only one to blame will be yourself.

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