Big Ears

When I was younger, I used to get teased as my ears seemed to stick out of my head much more than they do now. I’m not sure how my ear shape has changed, but my ears haven’t been remarked upon for decades now.

Regardless, I’m now thankful for my big ears, as I’d like to think that they help me listen more. 

I’m in the business of making change, and change is hard because it’s complex and most people are hardwired to be resistant to change. Some people respond to facts, others only trust their gut. Regardless, the only similarity I’ve found in making change with anyone, is the part where you have to listen to the other person. 

If we don’t know how the other person thinks and feels, or what’s important to them, we’ll never be able to successfully enroll them in the change we’re seeking to make. If we lump them into broad categories and assume they think, feel, act, care about certain things, we can end up actually making them more resistant to change.

So flex those ears of yours, whatever size they are, and see where you might be able to listen more. What might you learn if you were curious?

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