Asking for What You Want

How often do we honestly ask for what we want or need?

I think there’s a cultural flaw that asking for help or even for what we want is a weakness.  

I don’t get it.  When you’re clear about what you need and want, you can not only more clearly identify what it is you’re after, but you now others who might want to help you can more easily identify how they might be able to help.  What if asking for help was a generous act?

Often, when you’re asking for help, it’s actually helping someone else as well.  Looking for more coaching clients?  You’re helping all the other people who are looking for a coach.  Looking for a new guitar?  You’re helping out someone who’s looking to sell one.  

Ask for what you want.  

And if anyone wants to send me any soft vinyl toys from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Planet-X-Asia, Retroband, Wonder Goblin, Motley Miscreations, Sea Demon Vinyl, Creaturemaker Toys, or Uhh, Sure Monsters, I’d be very grateful.  

Oh wait, did you notice that?  By asking for what I want, was I also just advertising for all of these other creators? 

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