Are You Busy or Lazy?

That’s the question I was asking myself the other day.

Given a culture where most famous thought leaders espouse waking up prior to the sun and working out, meditating, and doing daily pages prior to 7am, it makes sense as a night owl who regularly finds a groove between 11pm and 2am (and thus doesn’t like waking up before 9am) that I’d internalize the idea that “I’m lazy.”

So when I was offered a new consulting gig, I accepted quickly, figuring I’d have tons of time, as I’d just cut out the three-four hours that I spend distracting myself from work with twitter, discord, and other social media platforms I’ve joined to help build a community around my NFT projects.

But while I was measuring the amount of time I was spending getting lost in rabbit holes of distraction, I wasn’t measuring the amount of time I usually end up spending working.

Sure, most days I don’t start my workday until 10am, and then I break at 11-12:30 for lunch, and then I maybe work from 1-5, and then I break for dinner, evening constitutionals, and hang out time with my wife, and then I’m back at the desk from 9pm until 2am (on evenings where I get to bed early).

After I broke this down, even with all the breaks I take throughout the day, I realized that I’m still spending a full ten hour day working. WTF.

Anyway, things I’ve come away with after this shower realization:

  1. As they say, what gets measured, matters. AND, make sure you’re measuring the right things.
  2. Double check you’re not measuring things to support your own confirmation bias (I’m lazy, so I’ll look at how much time I waste on my phone).
  3. I’m going to really need to budget my time for the next month so I don’t burn myself out.
  4. When people constantly give you the same feedback “Geez, you always seem so busy,” maybe consider it as solid feedback especially if it contradicts your own internal belief about yourself.

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