Animatronic Cthulhu Costume

One of my dreams is to have a hyper-realistic Cthulhu costume to wear around conventions (should they return) and at Halloween.  

I imagine a giant, air-conditioned suit that’s made out of a support skeleton and covered in silicone.  There’s monitors inside the headpiece that’s hooked up to cameras that allow me a full range of vision as opposed to looking out tiny eye-holes.  The tentacles on its face are fully animated, writhing around without me controlling them, powered by the battery built into the comfortable backpack I’m wearing that also has a Camelback inside of it.  

Finally, it also uses sculpted reptilian scales to expertly hide the top and bottom halves, to make using the restroom much easier.  

I currently don’t have the technical knowledge nor the tools to build such a suit, nor the extra money to hire a special effects studio to build one for me.  

I could wait and wait and wait to build the perfect Cthulhu suit until I have the money and time to really perfect everything.  

Or, I could choose to take a single, small step today that might put me an inch closer to my dream. 

Which one do you think is the quickest way to the finish line? 

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