When you’re hungry to learn and improve without getting hung up on ego and resume items and social standing, you accelerate your growth and success by whatever metric you measure it by. You’ll find that suddenly success gets easier and easier.

The more willing you are to question your own notions about business, the more likely it is that you’ll learn about business, that you’ll ask for advice from successful people in your field, that you’ll be willing to listen to the advice of more experienced business owners.

The more willing you are to accept a suggestion to try a new item on a menu, or even a new restaurant, the more likely you’ll be able to locate the best food in town.

The more willing you are to listen to your exs on why they broke up with you the quicker you will be able to either find patterns in areas of improvement for yourself or patterns in types of people to avoid. 

This openness to not knowing is a key skill that leads to adaptability when things go wrong. The quicker you can accept that something went wrong, and that the planned line of thinking isn’t going to work, the quicker you can start exploring other options. 

Adapting to change helps you survive, and this flexibility often leads to the creative, out-of-the-box thinking that drives innovation and success in uncertain times. 

Excerpted from Ep 35 of the Inner Monster Podcast – Listen here.

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