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As a host:

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Origins: A Creative Journey is a podcast I co-host with Digital Noir Studio/Chris De Felippo for DesignerCon.

Each show we interview a creative and dig into their origin story. What makes them tick? How did they *really* get to where they are? How do they get through the hard part? 

We interview some of the biggest names and some of the best-kept secrets of all creative fields to bring you a peek into the inner workings of the people who make cool stuff. 


Currently on hiatus

The Inner Monster Podcast is a mix of the three things I love to talk about the most: Short horror fiction, monsters and their mythology, and personal development.  

If you’ve ever wondered how demons can segue into a conversation about value, how a Japanese ghost can inspire a conversation about the stories we tell ourselves, or how the mythology behind vampires can teach you about procrastination, this is the podcast for you.  

It’s a strange mix, I know, but if you haven’t been able to tell, I’ve never been good at separating aspects of myself, so come for the monsters and stay for the deeper dives into topics like defining success, sustainability, and how curiosity can change your life and the life of others for the better.    

In Trust: The Podcast

Currently on hiatus

The In Trust podcast is all about – you guessed it – trust.

Between interviews with changemakers and conversations between your hosts, Lisa Lambert and Rick Kitagawa of Spotlight Trust, the In Trust podcast explores how how trust is built, how it’s broken, and how it impacts our everyday lives.