Rick is proud to have been a guest on the following podcasts:

Drawing From Experience – Wrangling Impostor Syndrome

Episode 121: The Impostor Monster with Rick Kitagawa

Better Leaders Better Schools – Creating Trust in Organizations

Creating Trust in Organizations: (w/Lisa Lambert)

The First 10 – Building a Business Through Customer Service

Episode 5: Rick Kitagawa

Ready to Redo – Transforming the Failing Education System

Episode 04. Reality of Job hunting + The Education System w/ Rick Kitagawa (Part 1)

Episode 05. Avoiding the Rat Race & Treating students like Humans w/Rick Kitagawa

40 Out – the Original Competitive Skee-Ball Podcast

Episode 8: Medusa vs The Gill-Man with Skeeletor

If you’re interested in booking me for a podcast, topics I’d be happy to speak on:

  • Creativity (how to foster it, making time for it, etc.)
  • Trust (how it’s built, practical advice on trust, the benefits, etc.)
  • Impostor Syndrome and Fear (how to work with it, how it can be helpful to life)
  • Education (especially higher ed and online education)
  • Small business entrepreneurship (value propositions, psychology, marketing)
  • Monsters
  • And my absolute favorite is combining any or all of the above.

To check availability, please reach out: