If you’re looking for a business, creative, or leadership coach  – please check out my coaching practice Kaiju Coaching.  

Named for the giant Japanese movie monsters (think Godzilla or the monsters in Power Rangers), I’ll help you make friends with your Inner Monsters and whether its impostor syndrome, creative block, or fear of your business failing, we’ll work through it together. 

If your organization has problems having difficult conversations, employee engagement and morale are low, or your managers struggle to actually manage their teams, we can help you at Spotlight Trust.

Spotlight Trust is a consultancy that brings practical, effective, and measurable frameworks to teach tactical soft skills through the lens of trust.  

Trust is the most important asset, and we can help you build it within yourself, with others, and at scale.  

I can often be found in various coach roles in Seth Godin’s flagship leadership program, the altMBA.  

Additionally, I coach in Seth’s other workshops in the Akimbo Workshops.