Visual Art

Most of my work is inspired by my love of monsters. I often feel like an outsider, and think monsters are the perfect metaphor for individuals who feel misunderstood and unrelatable.

The irony of it all is that most people feel like they can’t be themselves, becoming more comfortable wearing the disguise they think society will approve of. My artwork examines these monstrous emotions, thoughts, and feelings that are part of the universal human experience and externalizes them as physical attributes or as real physical beings.

As an artist I swing between styles, ranging from expressionist glitch animations to more traditional representational portraiture, and varying in thoughtfulness from deeply metaphorical to unforgivingly irreverent. By not restricting myself to one style, I find that I enable my body of work to speak to the truest representation of who I am as a multifaceted human being.

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Portraits of Resilience
Nightmare Lords
Dark Wheel Demonz
Generated Art Experiments
Expressionist Monster Project!
Select Toy/Product Designs + Illustrations