My screenplays are modern morality tales through the lens of the horror genre.

molting postcard-front

The Molting

Horror feature – 97 pages 

Logline: An insecure, single woman is tricked into attending an exclusive spa promising instant weight-loss and beauty but instead must fight for her life against a wealthy, monster-worshiping cult.

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demon in details poster- square

The Demon’s in the Details

Horror short – 7 pages 

Logline: When a man struggles to meet the exact terms of his demonic contract, he finds he’s got Hell to pay.


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In progress


Horror feature  

Logline: An arrogant Japanese American man meets a documentary filmmaker interested in the past he knows nothing about. Together they research his heritage, leading them to the nightmarish truth of why his family left Japan in the first place.


Horror/Sci-Fi feature  

Logline: When a group of ambitious planetary biologists land on a new planet, their quest for finding new life succeeds with disastrous results.